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Healing the Hearts of our Children



This series is a call to heed the message of Malachi 4:5-6 (“Behold, I am sending Elijah the prophet to turn the hearts of fathers to their children…”). Testimonies and reenactments, as well as Daniel Lange’s lovely cinematography and musical score, enhance Mark and Maureen’s well-crafted teachings.

Descriptions of each message:

  1. Apologies
    The Bible commands our children to honor us; how can we help them? We can start by offering authentic apologies. Mark and Maureen and others show us how through their personal stories.

  2. Restitution
    Restitution isn’t self-punishment or a price we pay for our sins; it is the price we pay to heal hearts we have wounded. It shows our children that our apology means something.

  3. Emotions
    If children don’t vent emotions in healthy ways, they’ll vent them in unhealthy ways. Through simple tools, we can help them make emotions into a safe vent instead of a destructive volcano.

  4. Bitter Root Judgments
    Roots of bitterness toward parents and others produce bad fruit in our children’s lives. We can help prevent bitter roots and gently pluck out ones that have already taken hold. 

  5. Bitter Root Expectancies
    A judgment is like a pair of tinted glasses, coloring the way we see others and tempting them to treat us badly. We can help our children take off the colored glasses. 

  6. Inner Vows
    An inner vow is a promise to the self that we think will shield us from pain. But since it is rooted in bitterness, it only causes more pain. We can help our children let go of these false protections.

  7. Prebirth and Infancy
    Children can come into this world already wounded and bitter. Prayers for inner healing can pull up roots of bitterness before they have a chance to warp the trajectory of their lives.

  8. Discipline
    Sometimes discipline can be painful, but it should never be hurtful. Truly biblical discipline brings peace, encouragement, and even healing, for it is an expression of God’s love and ours.

  9. Blessing
    A Hebrew father‘s blessing imparted power to live out a God-given identity and destiny. By revoking curses we’ve spoken and replacing them with blessings, we can do this for our children.