When John and Paula Sandford founded Elijah House four decades ago, they intended it to be a school for prophetic people. But they quickly found out how much healing such people need! God puts them through seasons of great difficulty to build the character needed to exercise their gifts with temperance and humility, and to teach them to seek the Giver more than the gift.  So, for many years, John and Paula spent far more time teaching about inner healing and transformation of the heart.


Finally, not long before they passed their mantles to Mark and Maureen, the prophetic side began to come more fully to the fore.

Meanwhile, all that focus on inner healing has given us a unique perspective on the prophetic. We have seen how readily spiritually sensitive hearts can bitterly react to life’s bruises, and how bitterness can corrupt the use of God’s gifts. But we have also seen that the same sensitivity can attune prophetic people to the Healer of Hearts. We desire to see prophetically gifted people healed and made whole, and have created teachings on that subject.


But our calling goes far beyond one-on-one prayer counseling. By counseling hundreds of persons from all over this nation and the world we have been blessed with a unique vantage point on general trends in the hearts of God's people. So we are able to speak healing and repentance to the Body of Christ as the Holy Spirit leads.

From time to time, Mark's brother, Loren, will join us in this task. He has written and taught extensively on the prophetic, is recognized internationally for his knowledge on the subject, and has written several books regarding it. To connect with his ministry, go to the website of Loren's church in Thornton, Colorado:

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