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Healing the Hearts of our Children - Supplemental



These three extra videos are from a version of the “Healing the Hearts of Our Children” series filmed by KS Movement for the underground church in Iran. Mark is interviewed by an Iranian Christian, Kamran Yaraei:  

Descriptions of each video:

  1. The Prodigal Son
    We are all prodigal sons, but God loves us unconditionally. We should do the same for our children. Mark brings these truths to life through the rich cultural background of this parable.

  2. How Elijah Turned the Hearts of Fathers
    On Mt. Carmel, Elijah vanquished the gods (actually demons) that warped family life in the nation of Israel. We too can triumph over them through repentance and reconciliation with our children.

  3. Questions and Answers
    How can we face regrets about hurting our children? How can children honor dishonorable parents or confront parents in an honoring way? Should we apologize to a disrespectful child? How can we handle our own awkward apologies and express vulnerable emotions?  

Independent Discussions PDF
After each of the first 9 videos, there are questions onscreen to help you process what you are learning. Here are questions for the supplemental videos, 10-12. You may download and print this free of charge by clicking here!