Where We've Been - Where We're Going


Where We've Been in 2018...
How God has favored us! We've been a ministry for only six months, but with the generous help of others we already have a beautiful logo and a website. We have posted many of  Mark's articles, sent out monthly newsletters, counseled nearly 100 people, and spoken at many events. Best of all, we have filmed two seminars—on the deliverance side of inner healing and healing prophetic people (Loren also spoke on grounding the prophetic).You can order the DVD's from New Song Church in Thornton Colorado at

Where We're Going in 2019...
Our vision is to help heal and enable God's people to fulfill their maximum potential. We also feel called to help bring humility, balance, and solid biblical grounding to the prophetic—a gift that is going to be much needed in the days ahead. To those ends, after much prayer for the Holy Spirit's guidance, here are our plans for 2019!

New books in the making—A publisher has asked Mark to write a book to be sold internationally. It will be an expansion of what's on our DVD, “Why Is God Putting Us Through This?” (You can purchase the DVD through New Song 's website).Through hardships that build a lifestyle of repentance, God is preparing His people for something great! Other books are planned for 2020 and beyond—on heart, mind, and spirit, the practical how-to's of inner healing, and healing the hearts of our children.

Video subscription library under construction—This will feature Mark's and Maureen's videos and some of Loren's. So far we have eleven talks ready to post. More will be added as they are filmed. We'll let you know when this is available on our website.

Inner Healing training course being created—We'll pilot it in weekend modules in Richland, Washington, probably beginning late this year, and will eventually film it at Loren's church in Denver, Colorado. We want the Body of Christ to learn how to heal each other!

Speaking engagements being scheduled—Events are scheduled in Richland, Washington, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Rochester, New York (the Rochester church has also invited us to Nigeria sometime in the next few years!). See “Events” on our website, Other possible future events are being considered.

Loren is looking for opportunities to do more seminars with Mark—Demand should increase with exposure. Loren's YouTube video from his appearance in September on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, and he just appeared on the Jim Bakker show on January 16 and 17! We'll let you know when events are booked.

Our daughter, Michal, will join us in July!—Maureen and I are neither business people nor techies, but Michal definitely is! She'll move here from Seattle in June, and will do our administrative work, social media, networking, and marketing, create and operate an online bookstore, and further beautify our website. We can't wait to have you here, Michal!

Elijah Rain's facebook page has just been launched—Please look us up and hit “like.” And be sure to watch the video of Mark interviewing his sister, Andrea, about creativity. (Looking forward to Michal's touch on our Facebook page!)

Prayer counseling—We will continue to offer this, but on a limited basis to reserve sufficient time for writing and teaching. We wish we could counsel you all, but God has raised up other prayer counselors we can refer to as the demand grows. 

Thank you for your support and prayers! We're looking forward to sending you good news this year as the Lord gives us grace to make progress on His plans for us. Thanks for all your loving support! May each of you have the most blessed and Spirit-filled New Year ever! 

     In God's Love,

     Mark and Maureen.